Faculty of Science Computer Labs

Lab Timetable
Tue 26th8:00 - 21:45Closed8:00 - 21:45Closed
Wed 27th8:00 - 21:45Closed8:00 - 21:45Closed
Thu 28th9:00 - 21:45Closed9:00 - 21:45Closed
Fri 29th8:00 - 21:45Closed8:00 - 21:45Closed
Sat 30th9:00 - 20:45Closed9:00 - 20:45Closed
Sun 1st9:00 - 20:45Closed9:00 - 20:45Closed
Mon 2nd9:00 - 21:45Closed9:00 - 21:45Closed

Last updated: Tuesday 26th of September 2017, 02:01 AM

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